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About Us

  Located in Central Missouri, USA, Greener Lumber, LLC was formed in July of 2009 and as of 
  September 2010 works with a company in Belize to import many species of river salvaged timber
                                into the US and make Greener Lumber brand material available to consumers in North America and
                                                                       other regions of the world.

We have a devout commitment to the people and environment of Belize and 
hope to give end users of tropical species a viable alternative to cutting young timber. 
                      Hopefully this would allow rainforest areas in Belize to grow back to their once majestic 
stature and then be sustainably managed for future generations of woodworkers.

Informational Videos About Our Methods and Products
                                                                     Greener Lumber has received some much appreciated exposure from a globally broadcast program called 
                                                                     "Earthrise". It is, in my opinion, one of the top environmental news programs on the planet. Unfortunately 
                                                                     it's not shown on many cable or satellite channels in the US but is well distributed over the rest of the globe. 
                                                                     If you would like to see our smiling faces and see just how we are recovering these nuggets of wooden gold,
                                                                     take a look at the segment below:

                                                                     A video showing the history and methods of Mahogany logging in Belize back in the early 1900's and what we
                                                                     do now to recover all this material. You'll see some great examples of what this precious wood is being used for
                                                                     at the end of the video:

                                                                     How do you saw slabs out of a giant River Recovered Guanacaste you have in Belize when there is no local 
                                                                     sawmill large enough to do the job?? You do it the "Belizean Way"......Just call Mr. Hub.
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