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Sinker Guanacaste

Taxonomic Name: Enterolobium cyclocarpum 

Other Common Names: Algarrobo de orejas, Arbol de las orejas, Arbol de orejas, Bois tanni, Carito, Caro, Carocaro, Conacaste, Corotu, Earpod, Genizero, Jarina, Mexican Walnut, Oreja, Orejero, Perota, Tamboril, Timbauba, Timbo.

Characteristics: Heartwood is walnut brown, with dark variegated streaks. In some instances a reddish tinge can be apparent.The grain is normally interlocked, and crotch material is often highly figured. The wood is reported to finish well and give a lustrous appearance. Material can be porous and sanding sealer is recommended. Material machines easily and responds well to hand tools.